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The Team at the Gresham Belson

Raf Willems is leading a dedicated and professional team of over 36 staff members as General Manager of the Gresham Belson Hotel Brussels.

He has been with the Gresham Belson Hotel Brussels since 1997 where he started his career at the reception. Discovering the hotel from the bottom up, he made his way from receptionist to the Assistant Front Office Manager and then moved to the sales department starting as Sales Executive and later as Sales Manager. After 14 years of loyalty to Gresham Hotel Group he has become the General Manger and has been acting in this position since July 2011.

The Gresham Belson Hotel is very proud of their enthusiastic, young and flexible team and you will never hear an “Impossible”. We are strongly focused on your needs and we strive to make your stay as comfortable as in your own home.

These acclaimed hospitality professionals continue the long tradition which, for over 25 years, has made the Gresham Belson Hotel Brussels a bye-word for graciousness and charm. They are proud to continue this tradition into the 21st century ably assisted by their dedicated teams.

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