MIM – Musical Instruments Museum 

The luxurious Old England department store earned an excellent reputation for its highly distinctive building. The entrance to the building is a jewel of the Art Nouveau style. After your visit, the instruments and their history will no longer hold any secrets. 

Magritte Museum 

The Magritte Museum is located in Brussels, Belgium, and is dedicated to the renowned surrealist artist René Magritte. Housed in the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, the museum opened in 2009. It features an extensive collection of Magritte’s works, including paintings, sculptures, and personal artifacts, providing visitors with insight into the life and artistic vision of this influential Belgian artist. The museum offers a comprehensive experience for art enthusiasts, showcasing Magritte’s distinctive style and contributions to the surrealist movement. 


Belgian Comic Strip 

Belgium is renowned for its rich comic strip heritage, and the Belgian Comic Strip Center in Brussels celebrates this cultural phenomenon. Established in 1989, the museum is located in a former department store designed by Victor Horta, a prominent Art Nouveau architect. It houses exhibits dedicated to famous Belgian comic characters, including Tintin, the Smurfs, and Lucky Luke, showcasing the country’s significant contributions to the world of comic art. 

Horta Museum 

The Horta Museum, located in Brussels, Belgium, is dedicated to the life and work of Victor Horta, a pioneering Belgian architect and a key figure in the Art Nouveau movement. The museum is situated in Horta’s former residence and studio, which he designed himself in the late 19th century. Opened to the public in 1969, the museum displays a remarkable collection of Horta’s architectural and decorative creations, highlighting his innovative designs, use of materials, and influence on the Art Nouveau style. The Horta Museum provides visitors with a glimpse into the world of one of Belgium’s most celebrated architects. 

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