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The Belson Hotel, originally founded and owned by Mr. Vanbelle, a prominent Brussels businessman, opened its doors in January 1982 as a special gift to his son. Initially named ‘Le Belson,’ it featured 87 Standard rooms and 3 Apartments. The name ‘Le Belson’ was a clever fusion of ‘BEL’ (from Mr. Vanbelle) and ‘SON’ (for his son), creating ‘BELSON.’

Shortly after, in the same year, Swiss Traditional Hotels took over the management of the hotel, overseeing it for three years. In 1985, another group, Swiss Hotels, assumed ownership and ran the Belson for an additional four years.

In 1988, the Gresham Hotel Group (formerly Ryan Hotels) acquired the Hotel Belson. In 1992, they expanded the hotel by adding 50 extra executive rooms.

Since 2003, the Gresham Hotel Group has rebranded it as the Gresham Belson Hotel. They have consistently invested in the property to maintain its modern traveler standards.

Today, the Gresham Belson Hotel in Brussels caters to both corporate travelers and weekend break enthusiasts, offering an ideal option for both.