Grand Place

The Grand Place is the central square of the City of Brussels. All over the world it is known for its decorative and aesthetic wealth. The Grand Place is not only a historical and architectural gem but also a vibrant gathering place for locals and tourists alike. It stands as a testament to the rich history and cultural heritage of Brussels.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty and rich history of Brussels’ crown jewel, the magnificent Grand Place. Nestled in the heart of the city, this UNESCO World Heritage Site stands as a testament to the grandeur and splendor of Belgium’s architectural heritage, captivating visitors from around the globe with its enchanting charm and timeless allure.


Just a short 25-minute drive away from our esteemed Gresham Belson Hotel, or easily accessible via public transport, the Grand Place beckons travelers to embark on a journey through centuries of history and culture. Whether you are strolling through its cobblestone streets, admiring the intricate facades of centuries-old guildhalls, or simply basking in the vibrant atmosphere of the bustling square, every moment spent in this iconic landmark is sure to leave an indelible impression.

Marvel at the towering spires of the Town Hall, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, as it casts its imposing silhouette against the azure sky. Admire the opulent beauty of the Maison du Roi, known as the King’s House, with its ornate facade adorned with intricate sculptures and carvings.

As you wander through the square, you will be surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colors and aromas, as market stalls brimming with fresh flowers, delectable chocolates, and artisanal treasures beckon passersby to indulge their senses.

Take a moment to pause and soak in the ambiance, as the Grand Place comes alive with the sounds of street musicians, the laughter of locals and tourists alike, and the gentle murmur of fountains dancing in the sunlight.

Whether you are exploring the hidden gems tucked away in its labyrinthine streets, savoring a leisurely meal at one of the charming cafes lining the square, or simply marveling at the architectural wonders that surround you, the Grand Place promises an unforgettable experience that will linger in your memories for years to come.

So, whether you choose to take a scenic drive or opt for the convenience of public transport, make sure to include a visit to the Grand Place in your Brussels itinerary. Let its timeless beauty and enchanting allure transport you to a world where the past seamlessly merges with the present, creating a tapestry of unforgettable moments and cherished memories.

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