The ideal business hotel in Brussels

The founder and owner Mr Vanbelle, a well known Brussels businessman, opened the Belson hotel in January 1982 as a gift to his son. It was initially known as ‘Le Belson’ and started out with 87 Standard rooms and 3 Apartments.

The name ’Le Belson’ was developed from BEL (Mr Vanbelle) + SON (for his son) = BELSON.

Not very long after, in the same year, Swiss Traditional Hotels took over from Mr Vanbelle and run the hotel for 3 years. In 1985 another group called Swiss Hotels bought the Belson and run it for another 4 years.

Finally the Gresham Hotel Group (formerly Ryan Hotels) purchased the Hotel Belson in 1988. In 1992 they expanded the hotel by adding 50 extra executive rooms.

Since 2003 the Gresham Hotel Group has re-branded it to the Gresham Belson Hotel, as well as continuing to invest into the property to keep it at the standard for the modern travellers. With the property now aimed firmly at the corporate and weekend break market, the Gresham Belson Hotel in Brussels offers the best alternative for both.

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